JEAN-CLAUDE BIGUINE is now present in 17 countries, with 318 salons of which 106 Houses of Beauty, 12 BIGUINE academy, 1 JCB CLUB and 3 training centers: France, Italy and Japan.


JEAN-CLAUDE BIGUINE opened his first salon at the age of 22. He designed a functional salon, and provided his clients with the best services at very affordable prices. He quickly opened a second salon, a third one ... and then ten. We know the rest of the story. The two passions of this 50-year-old son of Brittany : hair styling and beauty. They became his livelihood.

One could define his fashion taste as the trends of the city, easy-and-ready-to-wear genuine creations, hair styles for every day, without stereotypes.
Brunettes, blondes or redheads, with long or short, smooth or straight hair are all to be found in his creations, which build on the best trends and ideas of the moment.

1982-2006 : 24 YEARS OF CREATION

1982 Jean-Claude BIGUINE opens the salon which will allow him to define his concept, and which ensures his initial success

1982-1989 He opens five more salons under his own name.

1989 Creation of a franchising network.

1990 Launch of the BIGUINE Magazine.

1992 Seventy Jean-Claude BIGUINE salons operate in France.

1994 First salon abroad, in ITALY, while the French network now includes 100 salons.

1995 Opening of the "International" house of beauty at 10 rue Marbeuf 75008 Paris with 150 salons in France and 6 abroad.

1996 International development with the opening of salons in JAPAN, BELGIUM and the UNITED STATES.

1998 - 270 Jean-Claude BIGUINE salons throughout the world.
1999-2002 Worlwide, the Jean-Claude BIGUINE group represents 350 salons in 13 different countries.

2003 the year begins with the opening of hair salons and beauty parlors in Moscow, Bulgaria, Morocco, Tunisia, Mexico, Martinique and Réunion Island, as well as six new salons in Korea.

2004 Launch of the professional and general public JEAN-CLAUDE BIGUINE colorist range, in partnership with EUGENE PERMA PARIS. Opening of the first BIGUINE SPA at 10 rue Marbeuf 75008 in Paris, the group’s head office.

2005 Launch of tracking system (evaluation of employee's knowledge by use of online testing and unexpected visits to the salon to ensure high quality services). Release of new shampoos, masks and styling products. Launch of the BIGUINE TV and the corporate website:www.biguine

2006 Creation and launch of the Biguine Bio range, expansion of the Biguine TV to the international level with the openning of 80 salons in France (20), Belgium and USA. The website was seen by 3.8 million of visitors.

2007 25th anniversary of the brand
Creation of a fitness center within the International beauty house of Paris.

2008 Openning of the Jean-Claude Biguine flagship in India (Mumbai).